Hip hop writing pros for hire. With our hip hop songwriting services, you can hire a music ghostwriter to write your hip hop lyrics and the instrumental beat. Some of our clients already have the instrumental track and just need the lyrics while others have the lyrics and need the instrumental bass beat. We can ghostwrite your lyrics, instrumental, or both.

For all the lyrics to an original song, we currently charge just $295. We can create, record, and email you the the instrumental track as an MP3 for $295 too. Or, you can order both the instrumental and the lyrics for a discounted rate of $495 total.


A popular genre of music, hip hop uses a distinctive style that was developed in the 1970’s in Bronx, New York City. It uses regular rhythm, against which the lyric or the words are chanted. This genre owes its origin to African-American music, which quickly won wide acclamation among the youth. The early hip hop was essentially based on hard funk loops, but by the late 1970’s, disco instrumental loops/tracks took over. Today hip hop is a widely loved class of music round the world.

Writing Hip Hop
Writing hip hop lyrics is mainly about sensitivity, comedy, intuition, and storytelling. Writing hip hop lyrics or about what you know, admire, like, or conceptualize can be fun, as well as, exciting and gives the writer an immense sense of being ingenuous. The content of a hip hop lyric is devoid of restrictions of all sorts, and writers of rap or hip hop enjoy total liberty to write just about anything that catches their fancy. This means that a hip hop can be urban or rustic, of either of the genders, black or white, imaginative or concrete, indifferent or receptive. Hip hop can be best written by developing bars as a technique of writing solid 16 bars verses. A bar is a segment or a line of the verse. Originally, the bars or lines used to rhyme at the end, but as freelance hip hop lyric writers emerged, they began to resort to various other methods, but got the same effect. Besides, adding something of your own gives you an edge over others in the fiercely competitive rap industry.

Hip Hop Writers
Instead of faking their feelings, hip hop writers have to write straight from their heart and mind. Hip Hop ghostwriters can help up and coming hip hop artists by writing custom lyrics based on their needs. The danceable structure of hip hop can best be represented by the 4-4 verse structure with two emphasis, or breaks in each verse. Hip hop writers have a good vocabulary, are creative and know the intricacies of the genre well. Most hip hop lyrics are constructed in the same way, with the title, verse 1, verse 2, chorus or hook, verse 3, verse 4, bridge and chorus in that order. The chorus is the central theme of the lyric by which it is remembered by the audience. Since it can make or break the song, a lot of brainstorming must be done to ensure that the beat, words, sampling, and beatboxing are just right. What really matters is that the writers have panache for music, a rhyming and rhythm sense, and an ear for beats. To be a successful hip hop writer, you have to be what you are, and have confidence in your work. It is important to stay focused, set time aside for composing, refrain from forcing words out of your pen, and keep the words and music synchronized.

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